Thursday, May 3, 2012

Positive Testimonials from Our Happy Clients


Here are a few of the Positive Testimonials from Our Happy Clients:

Thank God! We have someone in portland who understands locs/dreads. Ten was so kind, understanding and easy to talk to. I didn't feel judged or put down because I needed some help. She is extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. She came to my house, where I felt most comfortable especially when my hairs a mess and I don't want to be sitting in front of a window with all kinds of people looking at me. She is the best person and the best experience I've had having my locs done and I've been wearing my hair in locs/dreads for over 10 years!

Edna A. - Portland, OR

Absolutely wonderful job putting in my dreadlocks. I have wanted to rock this hairstyle for a long time and thanks to Ten Nebula I can sport my dread head with pride. I highly recommend using this service.

Heidi R. - Damascus, OR

Ten was great. We had a very fun time working on my hair. I have a head full of dreadlocks (about 100 I think) and they were in dire need of being tidied up. I made sure my hair was washed and dried well before she arrived. They've looked great and I've enjoyed them since her visit.

I highly recommend Ten. She knows what she's doing with your locks.

Jade S. - Mendocino, CA

Hotep Family!
I just had my locs started via 2 strand twists by Ten. She is great!! Her service and professionalism was outstanding. She gave me LOTS of information on how to take care of my locs. I am overly pleased by how my locs came out. :) I will definatly be recommending her to anyone who wants to start/maintain their locs.

Peace & Blessings
Safiyah O. -  Los Angeles, CA

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